Anxiety Webinar: A Workshop with Solutions

Anxiety Webinar: A Workshop with Solutions

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Do you worry too much? Worry about worrying?!

Anxiety affects millions of Americans of all ages. In this webinar learn what anxiety does to your brain and how to change the destructive pattern that causes so much stress. This one hour is packed with information and techniques that you can begin using right away.

Here are some of the reviews from the live workshop:

"Mark knows about anxiety and presents the information very well!"

"I'm glad I attended last night. Some good information."

"My husband, son and I attended Mark's one hour session on anxiety and we each believe that it was very worthwhile!"

"Mark presented with clarity many ways we can learn how to work with our anxiety and apply them in our everyday life!"

"I very much enjoyed your workshop and your expert knowledge."

Come prepared to follow along with the exercises and meditation. Bring some paper to take notes and for the self-compassion exercise.

Download the accompanying PowerPoint slides for the webinar here.

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Be sure to download the accompanying PowerPoint slides for this Webinar.