Covington Quit for Good: Sit to Quit

Covington Quit for Good: Sit to Quit


Register here if you are participating in the Covington Quit for Good Program. This program consists of online access to videos, workbook and meditations to teach mindfulness skills to help you quit. Five online group coaching video chats supports and educates all participants.

This program is for Covington residents only.

Details are below. If you have questions after reading this information feel free to email me at or through the Contact Page.

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Welcome to Sit to Quit and your journey to a smoke free life!

This course is free only to Covington residents participating through the Covington Quit For Good Community Grant.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Once you register you will receive an automatic email confirming your registration.

  • All participants will receive a link to the website that houses the course materials on FEBRUARY 21 along with login information.

  • On that date (or as soon as you can) watch the first video (Just the first one!) and take a look at part one of the workbook and follow the instructions.

  • The first group coaching video chat will be FEBRUARY 25. You will be sent an email with the time and link to the ZOOM meeting room the day before. You can access the Zoom meeting room by voice call or video chat on any device or computer. You will be asked to download the ZOOM app in order to participate. The groups will start promptly so make sure you plan ahead to download the app. Don’t worry, it’s painless and easy! During coaching calls you will be able to ask questions and interact with me and other group participants. Everyone supports each other!

  • Video chats will be approximately every 4-5 days after we begin. Then one session after the Quit Day, and then one week later.

  • You will be asked to pick a Quit Day approximately 2 weeks after we begin. We will begin on a Thursday so I recommend you choose a weekend date either March 9 or 10 depending on your schedule. We will go over this during the first coaching session.

  • Coaching sessions will last approximately 20 - 50 minutes depending on the interaction. They will be recorded if you want to review or are unable to attend all of the live sessions. The link to those recordings will be sent to all participants.

  • All participants will be invited into a closed Facebook group where I will post additional materials. It will also be a place of community for all participants to share their experiences, as well as a place for you to interact and support future participants.

  • The time of day for coaching sessions will be either early morning or in the evening depending on the majority of votes of participants (be sure to answer your preference in the questionnaire.) Because not everyone is on the same schedule the sessions will be recorded. The Facebook group is another way for you to ask questions and interact.

  • FINALLY, The use of nicotine replacement therapy - NRT(patch, gum, lozenges) is highly recommended to begin on your Quit Day. These forms are preferred to vaping because studies show people continue to vape for much longer than they use NRT after they quit smoking. If this medication is not appropriate for you, or if you are unsure, please consult your physician for an alternative form of medication.