Reducing College Stress

Reducing College Stress


Starting college and returning to college can be stressful. Whether you’re leaving home or staying in the Cincinnati area, you will be faced with numerous situations and circumstances that can lead to destructive stress. In this 4 week program learn skills to recognize and reframe the stress you face to open yourself up to greater creativity and productivity.

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In a relaxed group environment we will engage and discuss:

Week 1: Understanding your brain

  Introduction to how the brain processes stress

  Introduction to Mindfulness and meditation

            Introduction to foundational attitudes of mindfulness

Week 2: Dealing with Anxiety

              What anxiety does to our brain

  Understanding fear

              Learning exercises to reduce stress and anxiety

  Continuing to practice meditation/mindfulness

Week 3: The power of self-compassion

              The difference between self-esteem and self-compassion

  The components of self-compassion

              Learning self-compassion meditation

Week 4: The Addictive Brain

  How alcohol and drugs affect the brain

              Lifestyle changes, technology

              Continuing to practice mindfulness and meditation.

Actual syllabus may vary as course proceeds.