A new Rock Musical. It’s about heroin.


This is not your typical blog post.   And I’ll readily admit I’m not your typical therapist and life coach.   If typical is what you are looking for, skip this post now.

Inspired by the veterans I treated for a dozen years I’ve written a rock musical to tell the story of the heroin epidemic from the perspective of relationships.   

Like you, I’ve seen the statistics on overdose deaths.  Data, and more data.  But these tens of thousands of deaths are people, not points of data.   Real people with real lifes that impacted so many.  They had family and friends.  They laughed and made others laugh.  And they struggled.

They struggled with living, with their addiction, with themselves, and the stigma that engulfed them everywhere and every day.

In this musical (we have a working title but not yet ready for official release) I use songs to tell the story of relationships.   Like all relationships it involves love, as well as challenges.  There are the relationship between friends, family, significant others, our country, and of course the drug itself.  

The music doesn’t seek to solve the crisis but to humanize it.  To educate.  And to reduce the stigma that is so pervasive, and deadly.

The first public workshops are coming up!  Several of the songs will be formed and context provided.   This is a rock musical for our times.  You will have an opportunity to be a part of its development.  You will have a chance to ask questions and give feedback, all of which will be taken into account as the development of the show progresses.   I’ve written about 25 songs.  Some may change, some may go, and new ones may be written before the final version is completed and peformed sometime in 2019.

The show is being produced by American Legacy Theatre (ALT).  Tickets can be purchased on their website.  All proceeds will be directed to the development of the show.

Yes, it’s a musical, but it’s not just entertainment. It’s a story, one of many stories, that need to be told.   Share.  Come.  Discuss.


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