You want to quit.   Maybe you've tried before.  Now immerse yourself in the most effective smoking cessation group available.   

Minds at Peace is the ONLY provider in the TriState offering this curriculum.

What's so special about Mindfulness Training for Smokers? (MTS)

Let's do the MATH!

  • Go to a drugstore and purchase a nicotine replacement product. Six month quit rates are only 3-5%.

  • Go to a physician and get a "patch and pep talk" and rates rise to 10-12%.

  • Participants who received individualized medication PLUS completed an MTS group had six month quit rates of 39-59%.

It's clear.   Mindfulness training for smoking is what you've been looking for.   Even if you've tried to quit several times, you can be successful.  Here's what happens:

  • Participants learn how to apply mindfulness skills to manage relapse challenges, triggers, withdrawal symptoms, urges and stressful situations.

  • MTS includes videos, a comprehensive manual and meditations that are available online with lifetime access.

  • Seven weekly sessions plus a one day weekend retreat.

  • The powerful support of a group.

Sit to Quit. A two week smoking cessation program.


Don’t have the time for the full 7 week course? Sit to Quit was designed for busy people who want to learn mindfulness skills along with group or individual coaching to help them quit smoking.

Sit to quit is a two week program that uses training in mindfulness along with a Quit Coach (that’s me!) to help you quit smoking. Mindfulness means taking a moment to step back from being on automatic pilot. With practice, mindfulness becomes a mental habit that helps you achieve the goal of healthier living.

This two week course consists of three videos, a 25 page workbook and two meditations. Once you sign up you’ll be given access to all of this material. It’s recommended to use medication with this program if it’s appropriate for you. Furthermore, as your Quit Coach I will guide you through strategies for quitting and getting through withdrawal symptoms.

You’ll have two options for engaging your Quit Coach.

  1. To obtain 5 individual coaching sessions either on the phone or video chat register here. $187 (Payment plans available, contact me).

  2. Another option is to participate in group online coaching. (Connect with friends, a Facebook or Meetup group, etc with minimum of 3 registered participants. Have the organizer of the group email me to get things going. Interested in having your employer sponsor Sit to Quit? Click the button below). Sessions meet 5 times during the two weeks online. Some people enjoy the live interaction with others going through the same process. If you like the group format but can’t make one live, recorded sessions will be available for viewing. Contact me for the group discount code. $167

What about vaping?


So far there are no published studies with Mindfulness Training for Smokers in regards to vaping with Juul or similar products. However vaping can create an addiction to nicotine. Using the same methods and teaching of Sit to Quit may help someone quit vaping.


MTS, now for the first time in the Tri-State, is a scientifically created 7 week group program that significantly improves your ability to stop smoking and stay quit.



Frequently Asked Questions

But wait, aren't all smoking cessation programs really the same?  

Glad you asked.  MTS was designed to treat smokers with high-level stress, anxiety, or who have had multiple relapses in the past.  Developed with the expertise of the country's top mindfulness and addiction researchers, MTS combines medication, skills training, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness training.  No other program contains a one day retreat as part of it's curriculum. 

What's the value of mindfulness training?  

Mindfulness is a skill that benefits individuals personally by decreasing stress, depression, anxiety and chronic pain.  It leads to an increase in self-compassion with a decrease in self-judging thoughts.   Mindfulness provides the space to consider options before reacting to a trigger out of habit, i.e. lighting up a cigarette.  Simply put, mindfulness is the opposite of "mindlessness."

What's the value of group interaction?  

There is tremendous power in group support, particularly when that group is led by someone who is experienced in leading addiction treatment groups and has a personal meditation practice.  Quit rates for individuals taking purchasing nicotine replacement products on their own, or receiving them from a physician are much lower than with MTS.  The group bonding that arises plays a significant role in cementing the skills learned in class.

Sounds great!  I want to quit.   What's my next step?

Send me an email or call/text me at 513-666-1413.   I'll let you know when the next group begins.

Will insurance cover the cost?

All Marketplace plans are required to provide a smoking cessation benefit.   Each plan is different and may have unique provider requirements.   Contact your plan for information.   Since I am the only provider of MTS in the TriState, most likely your insurance representative won't have heard of MTS.   However if the plan offers "counseling" benefits for smoking cessation they may apply for the cost, or part of the cost of MTS.   Please note I am not a Medicaid provider and cannot bill Medicaid even if your physician provides a referral.

How much is the MTS program?

The current cost is $475.  This extensive program involves 24 hours of face to face contact as well as communication between classes (that’s less than $20 per hour).   I highly recommend you consider how much money you spend per year, every year on cigarettes.  

That of course doesn't begin to cover the healthcare costs you may be currently experiencing or will most likely incur in the future from your tobacco use.  By choosing to engage with MTS and quit smoking you are making a major investment in your length and quality of life.

***Contact me for details on the next MTS class.



When & Where? 

Groups open to the public will take place at Good Therapy. Check the Register page for times of the next group.

Good Therapy: 11438 Lebanon Rd, Unit H, Cincinnati OH 45241.

Want help but can't make or commit to a group?  

Try to the 2 week Sit to Quit program, or you can arrange 5 individual sessions with Mark.

Looking for a physician to assist you with medication while engaged in MTS?  

Here's a current list (updated frequently).

  • Dr. William Sawyer 513-769-4951 Sharonville

  • Dr. Martha Orabella 513-564-3960 Norwood

  • Dr. John Schroeder 513-564-3960 Norwood

  • Dr. Jay Rissover 513-745-9993 Blue Ash