Gratitude: Now science proves your mother right.

For a lot of us, some of our earliest memories involve our mother telling us to say thank you. “What do you say?” she implored, understanding the power of those two little words. And like so many other things in life, mothers were right. But it wasn’t just because it’s polite, we now know that being grateful is actually good for us.

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Freedom? What's location got to do with it?!

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” When Victor Frankl wrote that famous quote he did so not from a seat of comfort, but from the Auschwitz concentration camp, one of the most horrific places ever created. So then what could he possibly mean by “freedom?”

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STRESS — Does Mindfulness Really Help?

If you’re like most people your life is full of stress. Too much and too often we find ourselves emotionally unbalanced, over-reacting and under-producing, all because of stress. We take it out on family, friends, customers, clients, employees, strangers, pets….and oh yeah, ourselves.

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StressMark Levine
What’s your mantra?

Sometimes when people meditate they repeat a word or phrase to help with concentration and prevent the mind from getting lost in a myriad of wayward thoughts.   It might be a word or sound that appeals to the ear or has significant spiritual meaning.

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MeditationMark Levine
Why Science Matters

For years, and now decades, physicians and dentists have been handing out opioids for pain relief.  Bombarded by pharmaceutical marketing, patients and providers believed completely that opioids were the only solution for severe pain.

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AddictionMark Levine