Stress Reduction Groups


Who could benefit from learning mindfulness skills?   Do you notice…

  • More stress

  • Chronic pain
  • Emotions taking control of your life
  • High levels of anxiety and rumination
  • Habitually reacting to whatever arises
  • Being extremely self critical or shameful
  • Repeatedly engaging in behavior that is self-destructive

Learning how to put your mind at peace can be life-changing. Joseph Goldstein, an author, educator and practitioner of mindfulness for 50 years said,

“We get a driver’s license to drive a car, but we have this mind that no one teaches us about.  It causes so much suffering throughout our entire lives.”

Minds at Peace can’t change the economy, politics, your family, or the person cutting you off in traffic.   But Minds at Peace can help you learn to change yourself, gain greater self-control, make skillful and wholesome choices, and decrease suffering.  In addition you’ll discover increased compassion, a connection to your body, and freedom that comes from truly having your mind at peace.


  • An 8 week group course to immerse yourself in the concepts of living mindfully based on the program developed by Jon Kabbat-Zinn.  Research on MBSR has demonstrated benefits to include: decreased stress, increased resilience, increased productivity, decreased depression, anxiety and chronic pain.
  • Modifying material and class organization to the meet the needs of different demographics.
  • Courses updated to include the newest neuroscience, including the science regarding neuroplasticity, compassion and gratitude.
  • Gentle yoga movements to strengthen the mind-body connection
  • Each class is generally 90 minutes long.
  • Weekly email support to supplement “homework” and learning.
  • A private Facebook page to discuss experiences with other participants of current and past courses.
  • Tuition discount for referrals