STRESS — Does Mindfulness Really Help?


STRESS — Does Mindfulness Really Help?

If you’re like most people your life is full of stress. Too much and too often we find ourselves emotionally unbalanced, over-reacting and under-producing, all because of stress. We take it out on family, friends, customers, clients, employees, strangers, pets….and oh yeah, ourselves.

Too much stress can lead your brain to automatically become more reactive with less ability to calm yourself down through logical thinking.

So you could of course like last year, pick a wall and continue to bang your head against it.

Or, you could do something different.

Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction, taught as an 8 week course, with hour and a half long sessions, has proven benefits in reducing stress. Here’s what participants from the most recent Minds at Peace Mindfulness Stress Reduction course had to say:

“Thank you for dedicating your time, knowledge, and caring to teach a very valuable course on mindful meditation!”

“I am grateful to be able to practice and share new skills daily.”

“This course helped me feel more grounded. I really thought about my actions and did not just react out of habit.”

“I enjoyed the community and sense of connection.”

“It was a wonderful thing to do for yourself, to learn to slow down and be present.”

“I would recommend the class to my friends because everyone, no matter how together they are, can always improve and become more mindful.”

“I enjoyed the class and found it very helpful and will continue to work on my mindfulness.”

100% of participants who completed the course said they would recommend it for their friends. And every participant had a significant increase in the Mindfulness Awareness Scale demonstrating a real benefit in their daily lives.

On Thursdays beginning February 1, 2018 a new 8 week course begins at the Cincinnati Yoga School in Pleasant Ridge, 6:30-8:00pm. Use coupon code “MINDFUL2018” at to take $200 off the normal price.

This year, make a decision to change the way you think. Make a decision for a better, happier, compassionate, productive you.

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