Stress Reduction for Business



Stress is the #1 complaint from employees. 

  • Stress can cause physical and emotional breakdowns, directly impacting the work environment.   
  • As stress mounts, productivity and creativity suffer. 
  • Inability to mitigate stress often leads to employee turnover.

Proven mindfulness stress reduction techniques address these issues, and improve overall employee satisfaction.

Minds at Peace Approach to Stress Reduction

  • Provide education and awareness on how stress affects physical and mental health.
  • Teach employees to recognize how their own thoughts create stress.
  • Teach skills to identify when emotional reactions are hijacking the decision making process, leading to more stress and suffering.
  • Teach a variety of meditation skills to slow down the mind and increase focus on the task at hand.
  • Teach foundational attitudes of mindfulness which enhance interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
  • Gain greater self-awareness of negative automatic reactions and develop skills to counteract self-defeating, judgmental thoughts.

Minds at Peace offers this material in a flexible manner customized to the goals of the company and availability of employees.

  • One time workshops to introduce mindfulness stress reduction.
  • In depth training can be designed to meet the organization’s needs over a several week period.
  • Ongoing support is provided through online educational links and emails. 

A mindfulness culture leads to an improved ability to manage stress, better focus, and increased resiliency and vigor. Research also confirmed decreased sick days, improve overall health  and wellness,  and increased compassion towards fellow employees, all of which improves productivity.

Large corporations like Google, Facebook, Aetna and even the US Marine Corps use mindfulness to improve workplace functioning. But businesses of any size can benefit from learning these skills.