Anxiety: A Webinar with Solutions. On Demand.

Webinar on demand.

Webinar on demand.

Do you worry too much? Worry about worrying?!

Anxiety affects millions of Americans of all ages. Learn what anxiety does to your brain and how to change the destructive pattern that causes so much stress. This one hour webinar on demand is packed with information and techniques that you can begin using right away.

Interview on WVXU for May 13th live workshop.

Mark presented with clarity many ways we can learn how to work with our anxiety and apply them in our everyday life!
— Janice, workshop participant

Mindfulness at a Brewery? Oh yeah.


Introduction to Mindfulness workshop at Fretboard Brewing Company in Blue Ash.

Wednesday, June 5 6:30-8:00pm

Consider this a Mindfulness 101 course in a fun atmosphere. The workshop, which take’s place in their special event room, will teach the purpose, value and foundational attitudes of mindfulness. We’ll learn the basics of meditation and how this 2600 year old tradition of mindfulness can help reduce stress in our hectic 21st century lives. Then if you’d like, stick around for some beer or a glass of wine and listen to music.

Tickets $20 at the door with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Joseph House treatment center for homeless veterans. Space is limited. Please Register here.


Sit to Quit.

A two week program to quit smoking. For good.

Quit smoking, and breathe!

Sit to quit is a two week program that uses training in mindfulness along with a Quit Coach (that’s me!) to help you quit smoking.

Even if you’ve tried to quit before, Sit to Quit can help, and is more effective than standard interventions.

Mindfulness means taking a moment to step back from being on automatic pilot. With practice, mindfulness becomes a mental habit that helps you achieve the goal of healthier living.

This two week course, completely online, consists of three videos, a 25 page workbook and two meditations plus 5 video coaching chats. Once you sign up you’ll be given access to all of this material. It’s recommended to use medication with this program if it’s appropriate for you. Furthermore, as your Quit Coach I will guide you through strategies for quitting and getting through withdrawal symptoms.

Participate in group online coaching with friends, co-workers, family members or established Facebook group with a minimum of 3 registered participants. Sessions meet 5 times during the two weeks. Some people enjoy the live interaction with others going through the same process. If you like the group format but can’t make one live, recorded sessions will be available for viewing. (group coaching) $167



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In Person Workshops for Business and the General Public.

Workshops (generally 1.5- 2 hours) are given at my office in Sharonville on Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, Addiction and related information (e.g. The Myths of Addiction).  

Have a topic you want tailored to a specific population?  Email me with your ideas/needs. Currently scheduled workshops will be listed on the Registration page and on my Facebook page.

I'm always delighted to speak at a group or event.  I love educating people on topics that stir my passion.  

Are you a business looking to help your employees stop smoking or reduce stress, and thereby increase productivity while decreasing turnover?   It's one of my favorite things to do.

Upcoming Workshops: Visit the Register page to learn more and reserve your seat.



Future workshops

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course for family and friends of an addicted individual

  • Mindful Eating: It’s not just “what”, it’s “why” and “when”.

  • Mindfulness Cancer Recovery